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Spydro – The Smartest, Underwater, Fishing Camera

Spydro is the first smart fishing camera that captures amazing HD footage from the tip of the line. Its perfect hydrodynamic behavior, advanced power management capabilities and intuitive hands-free operation truly empowers the fishing experience by revealing what’s going on underwater. Synced with our mobile-app it automatically creates a fishing diary available to analyze and share onsite. Stop guessing and start seeing with Spydro.

Spydro Fishing Camera

Full HD With Ultra Wide Lens

Marine Grade By Design

Hands Free Operation

Accurate Water
Condition Measurements

Auto Generated
Fishing Diary

Spydro Fishing Camera UK APP

Spydro Mobile Application

Our mobile app generates an automatic, fully-synchronized fishing diary. All the videos are GEO-tagged, with all the corresponding weather and environmental data for easy on-site browsing and review. You can also fully control and configure the camera, and share everything with everyone instantly.

Full HD with Ultra-wide Lens

Full HD 1080 Ultra-wide angle (130°) camera, featuring superior light correction, 720 @ 60 FPS for slow motion.
Equipped with two powerful leds for recording footage in low light conditions.

Spydro Fishing Camera Lens UK
Spydro Fishing Camera Charger UK

Marine-grade by Design

Its sturdy structure and unique shape have an optimal hydrodynamic behavior in up to 450ft deep (~150m).

Its high buoyancy factor allows Spydro
to gently “float” without affecting the setup and feel. It really is that well-balanced.

A strong magnetic connector allows safe charging and easy USB connectivity with any PC

Hands-free Operation

Spydro is truly a user-friendly and easy-to-use device.

With its built-in SD card, it has no buttons and no caps.

It is very simple to mount on the line and most of its core features are performed automatically, so it allows hands-free operation

Spydro Fishing Camera Bait UK
Spydro Fishing Camera

Accurate Water Condition Measurements

Spydro intelligently logs fish activity and accompanying environmental data such as temperature, salinity and speed. Know the perfect conditions that makes fish strike

Using Spydro’s motions sensors we can recognize bite and strikes, thus activating recording. Spydro captures the best and filter the rest

Auto-generated Fishing Diary

Your automatic fishing log contains all your fishing experiences.

You can re-live your route, learn from the action moments and view each corresponding video.

Truly a storage of fishing data and statistics for you to learn from your experiences and improve your fishing skills.

Spydro Fishing Camera Mobile UK

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